How to buy $NOLE?
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    In this guide, we will walk you through the process of buying your first $NOLE.

    We will be using the TronLink wallet as an example, as it is both one of the most advanced and user friendly wallet for TRON users.

    The featured exchange is TofuSwap, which is ideal for small transactions of under $100 USD.

    Creating a wallet

    Setting up TronLink
    1. Download and install TronLink
    2. Set a password
    3. Click on “Create”
    4. Choose a name
    5. Store your mnemonic at a safe place and confirm it.

    From fiat to crypto

    Buying $USDT and $TRX from a broker

    Finding a broker

    To convert your local fiat currency into crypto, you want to use a broker.

    Please search online for a broker that supports your local currency.
    We recommend KuCoin, Binance & Binance US, and Kraken.

    A broker needs to meet the following requirements:

    • You can buy $USDT
    • You can buy $TRX
    • You can withdraw TRC20-USDT on the TRON network.
      • Please reach out to the broker when you are uncertain.

    Keep in mind that most brokers will require you to do a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. This could take a couple of days.

    Buying crypto

    Buy $USDT from your broker.
    Additionally, buy some $TRX for transaction fees. We recommend to buy 100 $TRX.


    Withdraw your $TRX first to your TronLink address.

    If you received your $TRX, withdraw your USDT. Make sure to select the TRON network.

    Swap for $NOLE

    Go to and insert the amount you want to convert.

    Click on “Approve USDT” and accept the TronLink popup.

    Click “Swap”, confirm, and wait for the transaction to come through.

    Congratulations! You succesfully bought $NOLE, and it is already in your wallet!


    Please make sure to enable $NOLE in your TronLink. You can do this by clicking on the "+" above your balances.
    Go to "My assets",  then find and add $NOLE.
    If $NOLE doesn't show, you can add it by searching the address: TPt8DTDBZYfJ9fuyRjdWJr4PP68tRfptLG

    Please make sure to have some $TRX in your wallet to cover the network fees. We recommend that you have at least 40 TRX in your wallet.

    Please reach out to our community if you face another problem, or if the solutions above didn’t solve your issue.
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