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Our company is a collective of crypto entousiasts striving to build useful products.

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NoleCoin (NOLE) is a digital currency that aims to create a mark in the Philanthropy, Gaming, and Trading (Exchange) Industry. We are creating an ecosystem for young and old to enjoy for years: be it for trading tokens on our exchange, playing our online DApps (Decentralized Applications), or wanting to spread happiness in participating in the philanthropic causes. The NoleCoin project started in october 2018 and since then been one of the fastest growing project in the crypto space.

We deployed 3 type of currencies in the blockchain

NoleCoin TRC20 – Low supply TRON currency to value our ecosystem.

NoleWater TRC10 – Used as main engine for all our DApps.

Nethereum ERC20 – Low supply ETH currency to value our ecosystem

Buy & Sell Nole Currency on the following exchanges.

Feel free to check out the following exchanges to trade our tokens.

(It is adviced to use the Tronlink application)

NoleX (NOLE)

Newdex (NOLE)

TronTrade (NOLE)

Uniswap (NETH)


Learn more about our tokens below.

NOLE - trc20

1.000.000 decreasing supply
Supported by 15000 + people around the world.

2000 tps

Deployed on TRON, the fastest blockchain ecosystem in the space.

ecosystem engine

NoleCoin is deployed in all products of the Nole ecosystem.

charity donations

Philanthropy focussed while growing in the space.


High traded NoleWater token with a supply of 10,000,000,000 Tokens.

Gaming TOKEN

Community driven gaming economy in NoleLegends exploring their new legends on a daily basis.

Gambling token

NoleWater is available on several Gambling sites where community members can place a bet with nolewater.

staking reward

Earn NoleWater by holding NoleCoin in your wallet. Rewards start from 100 NoleCoin or more, depending on the amount of NoleCoin you hold.


Ethereum based low supply currency.

community owned

420 VIP members co creating usecases for NETH.

ecosystem engine

Nethereum is deployed in the Ethereum side of the ecosystem. Discovering a new community since the start of 2021.

Limited supply

1 Million tokens ever made.

Our own trading platform.

Discover our exchange.

Community driven NOLE exchange

Over 40 projects are trading on NoleX today

Fast and secure

Your funds are safu!

Easy to use interface

NoleX is the perfect platform to start your first trading journey




2018 - 2020

NOLE. was born on 2018-09-20 12:42:57 (UTC).

setting up the project

First 10000 community members gathered, first products arrived in the NoleCoin Ecosystem. Tokens are officially verified and the step to world adoption has started.

2021 - 2022 Time to shine!

Worldwide Adoption

Connected with the complete crypto space, large amount of memberships. Products becoming Multi-Chain as an invitation to other blockchain communitys. First real value and liquidity will be achieved for our currencies.


Super Nova

In this year, we push a full year of development to reach a total of 15 products, driven by our currencies NoleCoin and NoleWater. We will present these products worldwide and start doing global charity events with our infuence. Income will be invested back in worldwide marketing campaigns and invitations to big influencers around the world.



Mass Adoption

Phase 5 still to be unlocked. Announced at 3500 VIP Members)



Phase 6 still to be unlocked. Announced at 5000 VIP Members)



Making the world a better place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How can i join the community



  • NoleCoin is looking to go mainstream and has as a goal to serve 10 million people worldwide before 2022. NoleCoin will educate people about blockchain, help them set up their own projects. Uplift our members to reach their full potential and deliver a strong currency for our community members to use for years. All the team members have years of experience in the Crypto industry but are also learning every day. This is an amazing learning Journey!

Where do i store my cryptocurrency?

  • To Store NoleCoin we advice you to use the klever.io wallet to make sure your funds are always #safu

I want to join the VIP community, what now?

  • Join us on: Telegram. Mention it in the chat and we will get your VIP card ready!  

I dont see my funds on NoleX?

  • With NoleX you have to upload your funds with the guildchat,Klever.io or Tronlink application and then upload it again on the nolex.org site where you can manage your own N-Wallet. Your funds are safe with the N-wallet and if you are done with trading you can always withdraw your funds again to one of these applications.

Is Nole a game, a exchange a charity?

  • NoleCoin is creating an ecosystem that will target different markets to create the best ecosystem possible for our community members. We are going to target different market places to stimulate the growth of our ecosystem.

24 H Price tracking
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Lets Grow!

Why dont you come and grow some digital legendary Characters with us and earn an income at the same time. Discover our gaming DApp releasing the BETA version in Q1 2021.

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