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NOLE Exchange

Take a look at our NoleCoin exchange 

Fully costum made, by our developers. Over 40 projects are trading on the exchange and the community is supporting it everyday. 

 Nole exchange  provides a crypto wallet (N – wallet) for users to keep their funds safe and well.

  • The exchange has a faucet system where our users can enjoy free crypto everyday.
  • Users can earn an income by using their referral code and share it with their friends.
  • Big UI updates planned in this year and it will become a multi chain exchange.

NOLE Gaming

Take a look at the games of NOLE.

The gaming community of NoleCoin is growing rapidly and our first product is about to enter the market, NoleLegends. In this game people can grow their favorite legends to the end stage and earn NoleWater (the dividend currency of Nolecoin) 

NOLE Charity

We are a pioneer in performing philanthropic events around the world using crpytocurrency. We have performed over 11 Charity events around the world.

Donations can be made with NOLE AMSK BTT and more.

100 % of the funds donated will go to the people in need.


– Exclusive LIFETIME eligibility income share of the project 

VIP Card with your own personal VIP number.


The NOLE inner circle for all NoleCoin holders who hold 5000 NOLE or more.

Internal discussion of the project.


get your own NoleCoin swag in the merchandise store.